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get in cover DVD 01

cover artwork by Tom Lock

For the handful of people who might be interested, I have figured out a way that you can download the DVDs I have made. No longer will you have to put up with adverts or YouTube 480 quality SD.  no more rooting around for that slightly scratched VHS or DVD you’ve managed to keep hold of for 10 years.  So starting with Get In ! from 2004, Starring Tom Lock, Fuller, Adam Clark, Joe Keane, Louis Henderson, Alex Hunter, Jack Astbury, Joe Coghlan, Owen Reed, Gibbs, Spex, Gavin, and many many more, pretty much anyone who was skating Nowich at the time.

This is a full SD quality mp4 file with the bonus section of Livingston Pure Fun Weekend 2002 and Night of the Living Dead with John Cardiel and Tony Trujillo amongst others on the end, here is the link
Download Get In ! only 99p

More full length videos to download coming in the near future.