Franklin Stephens on Sidewalk Mag

frank smith the tree

“At the start of the 2012, Drug Store Skateshop released their first full length video ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy’, featuring sections from a wide variety of shop riders at the time and an assortment of Norwich based friends. If you paid attention to The Altar page in the mag near enough four full years ago now, you’d have been aware that one such friend who held down a section was none other than the reclusive living legend, Franklin Stephens!

The ever prolific Lewis ‘Spex’ Ross who filmed and edited the video, saw fit to pair Franklin with some primo Syd Barrett tunage and created an instant classic and wholeheartedly unexpected section from one of the UK’s finest who had been reasonably quiet up until that point, having stepped out of the sponsored skateboarding limelight following the release of Unabomber’s ‘Urbane Mob’ back in 2006.

Anyway, hit the play button below now and let Franklin brighten up your Sunday morning…