New Drug Store Skateboarding DIY edit

Been having PC issues but have managed to get things working long enough to finish this edit thats been half done for months, I encourage anyone and everyone to get some sand n’ cement and build something down Trowse, or anywhere really !!! Enjoy the vid, we did making it !

Franklin Stephens on Sidewalk Mag

frank smith the tree

“At the start of the 2012, Drug Store Skateshop released their first full length video ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy’, featuring sections from a wide variety of shop riders at the time and an assortment of Norwich based friends. If you paid attention to The Altar page in the mag near enough four full years ago now, you’d have been aware that one such friend who held down a section was none other than the reclusive living legend, Franklin Stephens!

The ever prolific Lewis ‘Spex’ Ross who filmed and edited the video, saw fit to pair Franklin with some primo Syd Barrett tunage and created an instant classic and wholeheartedly unexpected section from one of the UK’s finest who had been reasonably quiet up until that point, having stepped out of the sponsored skateboarding limelight following the release of Unabomber’s ‘Urbane Mob’ back in 2006.

Anyway, hit the play button below now and let Franklin brighten up your Sunday morning…

Back in the day 1999 Norwich Bus Station Park, real name, yes it really said that on the sign outside, never heard anyone calling it that unless they were taking the piss, then it was re named Urban Flight, almost as dumb, but not as dumb as not bothering to remove the original sign, even when it became N.R.P Norwich Ramp Park the extreme sign remained and prizes for our skate comp never got delivered as a result, but I digress, here are some rad sessions in The Bus Station Park while it was still being built.


get in cover DVD 01

cover artwork by Tom Lock

For the handful of people who might be interested, I have figured out a way that you can download the DVDs I have made. No longer will you have to put up with adverts or YouTube 480 quality SD.  no more rooting around for that slightly scratched VHS or DVD you’ve managed to keep hold of for 10 years.  So starting with Get In ! from 2004, Starring Tom Lock, Fuller, Adam Clark, Joe Keane, Louis Henderson, Alex Hunter, Jack Astbury, Joe Coghlan, Owen Reed, Gibbs, Spex, Gavin, and many many more, pretty much anyone who was skating Nowich at the time.

This is a full SD quality mp4 file with the bonus section of Livingston Pure Fun Weekend 2002 and Night of the Living Dead with John Cardiel and Tony Trujillo amongst others on the end, here is the link
Download Get In ! only 99p

More full length videos to download coming in the near future.

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